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Senior Contributor

Of two minds

On the same day, pieces appear from two different pundits opining that a) the GOP will ride Trump all the way into oblivion or b) a quiet coup is brewing as the leadership seeks to save the party from that catastrophe.


I guess I'm inclined toward the former since a party that is already shrinking and in the minority seems essentially captive to The Base, even if they are only half or so of the total.


If there was to be a coup the time for it was probably very early in the term- to jerk Trump's chain and let him know who was boss. The GOP leadership was far too craven and cowardly to have done that.


My view is reinforced by the fact that the RW online opinion influencers here- both professional and amateur- have doubled down for Trump.


Yeah, but whadabout..........?

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Senior Contributor

Re: Of two minds

Nothing at this point will surprise me. The Republicans seemingly have a death wish, by sticking with Trump. They are worried his base is big enough to upset their own base, maybe it is, but I doubt it.