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Oh Canada....

Happy Thanksgiving to our good neighbors to the northSmiley Happy

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Re: Oh Canada....

Second that!!

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Re: Thanks

Thanks Pat.

Besides all the family and good neighbours we have to be thankfull for, at least in our part of Ontario we are getting fantastic yields of good quality dry crops.

Ideal harvest conditions AND to top it all off great prices.

We are finished soys, finished planting wheat and have 25-30% of our corn harvested. Got rained out with a thunderstorm this aft but won't stop us for long as ground is dry and firm.

Corn in low 20ies moisture.

Hope you all get similar harvest.

bruce MN
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Re: Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving and kudos on your great national anthem.


Attended a Twins-Blue Jays game a weekend ago, before the recent division series debacle, and was reminded of what a pleasant tune it is....except, of course, for most of the times when played at the conclusion of a big U.S.-Canada hockey contest.

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Re: National anthem

Interesting that you comment on our National Anthem and yes I can understand how you would not like hearing it at a big Canada-US hockey game.

Some trivia for you.

I grew up signing God Save the King and then God Save the Queen and of course The Maple Leaf Forever was used on occasion as well as O Canada. Canada did not have a designated National Anthem until I think around 1980.

On the occasion of our Centenial year in 1967 there was a move started to declare one song our national anthem and so O Canada came out of that with a slight change to the words in English (French version, which was the original version of O Canada, remained the same).

Listened to a discussion on National ANthems one time and they talked of the different types. Some music only other have words. Some were noted to be hard to sing requiring a trained singer and as I remember OCanada was noted for its ease to sing which is why it usually is everyone in attendance singing it rather than just a performer doing a solo.