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Oh oh "rwnj" out of his cottonpicking mind.   


David Bossie, a former Donald Trump campaign adviser and current Fox News contributor told a black panelist of Fox and Friends Sunday that he was out of his “cotton-picking mind.”

“You’re out of your cotton-picking mind,” Bossie said. “You guys are out of your minds.”

The comment came during a panel discussion on immigration rhetoric with Joel Payne, a Democratic strategist and frequent Fox News guest.  “Cotton picking mind?” Payne responded to comment. “Brother let me tell you something, I got some relatives who picked cotton and I’m not going to sit here and let you attack me like that.” Host Ed Henry ended the segment shortly after that comment.

After a commercial break, Henry added, “I want to make clear that Fox News and this show, myself, we don’t agree with that particular phrase. It was obviously offensive and these debates get fiery, that’s unfortunate. We like to have honest and spirited debates but not phrases like that obviously.”

Bossie was named Trump’s deputy campaign manager in September 2016. “A friend of mine for many years,” Trump said of Bossie to the Washington Post. “Solid. Smart. Loves politics, knows how to win.” Bossie was president of Citizens United, a conservative advocacy group before he joined the Trump campaign. He was one of the few members of Trump’s senior campaign staff to not get a position at the White House.  



Tell me that he didn`t mention "Planet of the Apes"!