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Oh, that Anthony Gonzalez

hadn't paid attention that the retiring OH GOP congressman is the former OSU and Colts WR.

I'm sure he and his family are getting a lot of threats after he voted for election certification- I know out Sammy likes to "pester" officials who aren't committed Freedummies.  But I imagine the internal polling is awful. Trump has endorsed a major league MAGA criminal to primary him.

But on a different note- he was one of a whole stable of receivers who were severely abused by Manning and OC Tom Moore's thing for that darn quick slant pattern. I think Dallas Clark is wandering around his farm somewhere up in IA on an electronc tether, he got knocked silly so many times.

Gonzalez appears to have all his faculties, though.

Funny thing was that somehow, Marvin Harrison in particular and Reggie Wayne too had some combination of instinct and athletic ability to run and catch those routes and still manage to slip out of really getting hammered. 

But most of them didn't, and paid the price. Rookie Free Agent Blair White stood in for Gonzalez one season when he was out and got 2 concussions. He wisely took his $325k NFL minimum and went to dental school.

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Re: Oh, that Anthony Gonzalez

My son and his friends always contended that Marvin Harrison is a major figure in the Philadelphia underworld- my son does to this day.

I’d say, yeah, he plays it cool around here- no drama or trouble.

Theyd say, yeah, he’s good.