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Oh well

The polls are out, Americans feel shutdown
Is Trump's doing

A sherrif in a county on the border says it's
Stupid to think building a continuous wall,
He said give them the money for people
And technology

The biggest drug smuggling group say
The drugs go thru the ports and others...
But Trump tells us to stop the drugs
We have to build wall...not true.

And destroyed records of his meetings
With Putin

The Justice Dept/FBI looked into to see if
He was a Russian agent.

Yep ..
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Re: Oh well's the truth

Sir, it's you that has a problem.

I've quit doing the links since it's not worth
My time, nor would you appreciate the
Time and labor.

I'm getting tired of trying to save your souls.

You want to go to hell...fine by me

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Re: Oh well

Oh, El cheapo, they are well on their way!
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Re: Oh well

Craigy what is leftist propaganda! That the FBI is investigating or??
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Re: Oh well

I don't really care who the polls blame for the shutdown.  The shutdown represents a failure of the system, and a desire of opposing parties to win for their cause at any cost, instead of compromising to partially fulfill the desires of most.  IMO, shutdowns should cause un-reimbursed decrease in pay to each and every member of Congress in direct proportion to the length of the shutdown.  That said, illegal immigration has been a stated problem for essentially all of my adult life, and we seem no closer to having it solved today than we were 40 years ago -- something needs to be done, but first we need to secure/control the border, an approach which has been recognized and recommended for decades, alternately by both parties.


A sheriff on the border -- sorry, not enough info.  Is that sheriff of a county that already has a lot of border wall/fencing?  Or, sheriff of a county that is bordered by the Rio Grande?  Read a news article last week where somebody interviewed a sheriff who essentially stated that additional funding for a wall wasn't needed -- additional research showed, supported by online youtube videos, miles and miles of secure fence/walls all along that county border with Mexico -- turns out that sheriff didn't want additional wall/fence in other areas because his own wall/fence was forcing the illegals to cross in other areas, so already reduced his problem, unless walls/fence are added to those other areas.


So, drug smugglers are now our source for what is good and bad for us?  Did the interviewers relay the smuggler's names/locations to the authorities?  Nobody claims a wall/fence will stop the drug trade, but if it helps reduce the drug smuggling, or even just makes it more costly or difficult for them, then it's a benefit.


Do you think Trump's private meeting with Putin was the first time the American public hasn't known what was said at such a meeting?  


"It was Mr. Obama who met with Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the 2013 G20 meeting in St. Petersburg. As it turned out, Mr. Obama had a half-hour discussion. The White House confirmed the meeting, but provided no details."  .  .  .  and, " Mr. Obama and then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met without an American interpreter during a private meeting at the 2010 NATO summit in Portugal"   (


Trump, a Russian operative?  Seriously?  Guess that's why we need Trump's tax records -- to see how much he reported from his spy income gig.  Most likely the FBI counter-intel stuff was a thinly veiled posterior-pain response to losing top-level deep-state operatives (Brennan, Comey, McCabe).  


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Re: Oh well

The problem with the meetings... before things
Taken down...but classified....but Trump
Ordered it destroyed....that is where the red
Flag goes up. Before things were not released.

Terral county.... spelling most likely not correct

While I agree, if there is an impasse on talks
But sides must take some blame....
But Trump walks in, ask if he gets wall
Money, and if not what , he walks off, rather
Than try to work things out.,

That's not leadership.

Rumor has it, more than FBI was concerned
About him.

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Re: you can tell from the company he keeps.

Putin and his buddies are bad enough  but here is more.


Pompao flies to Saudi Arabia with a new bone saw.


But here in Canada


Nice to live in a western democracy that still supports civilization!

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Re: Oh well

just another little side note, but what about the unhappy demos because they couldn't see or edit President Trumps

address to the nation before it was given....just say'n....

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Re: Oh well

Meetings -- personally disagree with destruction of "official" records from meetings, don't get me wrong, but just wanted to point out that there are not always others present for these "meetings", Trump is not the first, and won't be the last.  If the record being destroyed was not actually an official record, like perhaps the notes from an interpreter or whatever (like someone who thinks they overheard, or eavesdropping), then how is that any different than the lack of notes from a private meeting with no notes taken.


Terrell County, Texas -- per 2010 census, the 37th least populous county in the nation, total county population 984,  2017 population estimated at 810, no incorporated municipalities in the entire county, and apparently only 2 communities reported in the entire county, total sheriff department (7), total jail capacity (8).  Just looking at map, it appears the entire border with Mexico is a 54-mile stretch of the Rio Grande river.  So . . . an example of a county where a fence/wall makes no sense, yet could make use of other methods of improved border security, but still not a meaningful argument for/against a fence/wall in the non-river and/or more populated areas.  There would only be 1 reason to interview the Terrell Co TX sheriff about the border fence/wall issue, and it is entirely political BS intended to support/sway opinions of those who don't do any additional research.


[Sorry, had a link here for additional info on Terrell County TX, including a CBS interview with the sheriff, but the linked page was removed or moved to another location.] 


Trump walked away from Pelosi/Schumer because he asked them if there would be wall funding, and they (Pelosi) said "no", he also asked if there would be funding within xx days if government allowed to be funded/opened in meantime, and they (Pelosi) said "no".  They weren't negotiating anything, just wall or no wall.  Pointless to continue the meeting.  Pelosi/Schumer could have laid out what they would have desired to achieve in return for fence/wall funding, or a viable/meaningful alternative, yet they did not take that approach, they just said no.  That's not leadership.  That's not compromise.  That's not negotiation.  Still, I place the "blame" on all of them, Trump included.  But all the rest is political spin, nobody wins.




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Re: Oh well

Illegal immigration, border security, narcotics trade have been weaponry in an ongoing war against our Republic for some time.

People are blind when tbey can't see that a WWF match has been playing out in DC for some time.

They've funded and built 600 miles of wall. 5 billion is child's play for what they spend on studying gas mice or the sex habits of quail.

21 trillion in debt, trillions of dollars missing, the agency using the largest percent of our tax money has never been audited, is on record stating that they make up fake figures and you're gling to pretend this about the money?

Reagan was promised if amnesty was signed, the border would be controlled, but it wasnt. Employers aren't fined for hiring illegals. There is incentive for hiring cheap labor and continuing the problem. DC doesn't want legal immigration.

Bush, Clinton and CIA worked to fund black market run running to Nicaragua rebels by using the cocaine trade.

Documents entered into the Florida judicial system corroborate this in addition to several past law enforcement and CIA officials. It's the very basis of the recent Tom Cruise movie American Made.
Elimination of the drug trade kills the CIA/deep state funding for their black ops.

It's a circus to keep your attention on the center ring while America rots in the shadows.

If it takes shutting down the government to clean this up.... shut it down until it's done.

The circus has been going on for decades and America is rotting.