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Senior Advisor

Oil spill 75% gone

Officials are reporting very good news that the spilled oil is disappearing. I suppose it is a cobination of factors from skimming, dispersal chemicals ocean currents and the like.


I wonder how much credit can be attributed to the mighty mississippi flushing trillions of gallons of water into the gulf. Excess rainfall throughout much of farm country must have produced an abundance of out flow along with millions of gallons of dispersants.


No matter what the cause of the positive improvement, we should be most thankful that the nightmare might be drawing to a close. Hopefully, cleanup crews are successful in cleaning up the beaches and marshes. A return to normalcy will be welcomed.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Oil spill 75% gone

Don't forget to mention the salt water eating up a lot of oil. Nature has its own way of cleaning itself up.

Veteran Contributor

Re: Oil spill 75% gone

I'm going fishing in Lafitte near New Orleans this weekend.  Almost all fishing has been reopened.  This area of the US is the one place that I have no doubt will bounce back sooner than you would think.  Though New Orleans got all the publicity after Katrina, Venice and the towns north towards New Orleans were absolutely demolished, wiped off the face of the earth, but came back without alot of fanfare and very quickly. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Oil spill 75% gone

Update: It's been revised to 50%. I am very happy it is contained. Believe it or not, there was a larger spill on land in 1910 in California. Just heard about it today on the radio program conservatives dread the most, NPR.