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Oil spill cleanup?

Maybe they need to send some hay farmers to the Gulf to take care of the spill!


Check out the video >> 

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Re: What a Fantastic Idea!!!!

What a fantastic, simple, idea!

I have used hay in the past to clean up a spill or two, but that has to be the best idea that I have seen yet.   I like the idea of using it to burn in making electricity, as well.

I am sold out of hay, but like the guy said, the wheat crop is coming on soon, and could be put to use right away.

Any of this could make the price of hay take a short term jump in price, but would be well worth it if the spill could be minimized with the hay cleanup method.

Thanks a LOT for posting this, and maybe forward that to the powers that be....maybe they will have enough common sense to put this idea to work.