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Discussion going on over at marketing but this probably belongs here.

Theres a theory that our glorious victory in the Cold War came about by colluding with the Saudis to crash oil prices. SA did in fact open the spigot and if you do the math, oil may seem like a big market but there was plenty enough cash in the US defense and black budgets to fund it. That was the heyday of the Deep State and the fact is that one morning Gorby woke up and the treasury was empty.

Relevant today insofar as Nepotism Ken and FIL’s two BFF’s- Prince Bonesaw and Col. KGB- are locked in a price war.

Both face serious domestic financial problems already. I’m certain that Bonesaw isn’t near as smart as he thinks he is (similar to his BFF) and I’m not certain Col. KGB is immune from miscalculation.

The only real concern there would be that either could be replaced by somebody worse.


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Re: Oil

I don`t know about all those comicbook characters you`re talking about, but isn`t it basically Russia and Saudi need to sell oil for their GDP?  Like a millionaire that come on hard times puts a for sale sign on his Corvette and golf cart, won`t get near what he paid, but he has a cashflow problem.  It isn`t like Russia and Saudi export automobiles, clothes, computer chips all they have is oil and the US is self sufficient and the rest of the world has shrinking demand and that was before Corona.