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Honored Advisor

Ok Boomer

Is a new term that generation Z levels at their millennial parents and the baby boom generation.   There`s a "Ok Boomer" song, but I doubt anyone could listen through, kind of sounds like Yoko Ono screeching.  

I don`t discount the term at all, the older generation is handing them off the country as is.  The question is will generation Z seek the right solutions wiesly  or double down with Ok Boomer Bernie Sanders?  


“Boomers come from a different era. They’re behind the times. They’re out of touch,” Brennan said.

The rise of the phrase “OK boomer” mirrors the growing anger among young people at the older generation’s passivity for the issues facing the world, not only today, but for the issues that young people say will be left to them to figure out once they become adults.

“I think of 'OK boomer' as kind of saying, you’re a hypocrite,” Carver said. “You’re criticizing us for everything we’re doing wrong when look at what you created of our world.”