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Okay, it's over. Vietnam II


Reminescent of all the talk right before we give up.  It's a setup of Petraeus no doubt.  In a few months Obama will pull everyone out and blame Bush and Petraeus for losing the war.  It's another opportunity to damage the US and convince the world that we are weak.

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Re: Okay, it's over. Vietnam II

Yes, siree.  The president wanted to be president so he could go down in history as the president who led America when it self destructed.  He wanted to destroy his daughters' chance for a happy life.  He wanted to destroy the country that gave him, a black man, the chance to become the most important man in the country.  Yes, siree, he set out to do that from the beginning.  What other fairy tales do you want to spin??

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Re: Just ending the way it was going to.

It was an bad decision from the start.

Whatever happens now was determined by how the invasion was carried out.

Sooner or later wise people will be allowed to do the right thing and stop creating more terrorists by bombing and killing people in a country on the other side of the world.

It is to be hoped that you acknowledge those who said it was a mistake from the start.

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Re: Okay, it's over. Vietnam II

The deal now that their failed policy, (Bush-Cheney debacle) is to make the current administration look like a failure, by not supporting ANYTHING, they propose to do.

It has been proven during the last two elections, their failed policies ( GOP, conservative) have been realized by the electorate. The American people have shown they aren't as dumb and non-observant as the GOP conservatives believed they were, and the ammunition the Republicants have served up is limitless.

Hold on to your hats, boys this in not going to be the push over you think it is, if you do your listening to the wrong stations.

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Re: Okay, it's over. Vietnam II

GTO, I would think that most Dems that supported Obama would think his policy in Iraq and Afghanistan is a failure because he did not follow through on his promise to get out and instead stayed the course of the Bush administration.   I for one don't see much good coming out of those two countries by keeping large numbers of U.S. forces there.  Bush helped the terrorists recruitment and now Obama is doing the same.

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America's greatness ended

.... when we stopped conquering our enemies for the good of our own people and started coddling them.  The Iraq war was won in May of 2003.  Everything since is nonsense. An ultimatum that if the people didnt get their house in order, we would be back with a vengeance, would have had a better chance of keeping it from being a terrorist haven.

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bull. there were terrorist long before we started in Iraq



June 5 - U.S. presidential candidate Robert Kennedy murdered by Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan, in Los Angeles, which causes further terrorist attacks, as Arab terrorist groups demanded his release.




Feb. 18 - Boeing 707 attacked at Zurich, Switzerland, killing the pilot and 3 passengers.


Aug. 29 - TWA 707 hijacked from Rome to Damascus, released with only wounded.


Nov. 27- EL AL office in Athens, Greece attacked. Innocent bystanders killed.




Feb. 21 - Swiss airliner blown up over Switzerland, killing all 47 people on board.


Feb. 23 - PLO terrorists open fire on a busload of Christian pilgrims killing 1 and wounding 2 Americans.


April 21- Bomb explodes aboard a Philippines airliner. All 36 aboard are killed.


Sept. 6 - “Skyjack Sunday” in Jordan. 3 planes (TWA, Swissair, Pan Am) en route to the U.S. hijacked, 400+ hostages, planes blown up in Jordan, Governments agreed to PFLP’s demands, released terrorists from jails and hostages released.


Sept. 14 - The PFLP hijacked TWA flight to Ammon, 4 Americans injured.


Nov. 28 - Jordanian prime minister Tal killed by terrorists at the Sheraton Hotel in Cairo, Egypt.


Dec. - Jordanian ambassador to London, England is shot by hit squad.




Jan. 26 - Bomb explodes on a Yugoslav plane killing all but one passenger.


May 30 - Ben Gurion Airport, Israel attack killed 26, and wounded 78 U.S. citizens from Puerto Rico.


Sept. 5 - Palestinian terrorists seize 11 athletes in the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany, 9 hostages and 5 terrorists killed, plus David Berger from Cleveland.




March 2 - Khartoum, Sudan. Cleo Noel, Jr., U.S. ambassador, and George C. Moore, U.S. diplomat, were held hostage and then killed by terrorists at the U.S. Embassy.


Aug. 5 - Suicide squad attacks Athens airport, Greece, killing 3 civilians and injuring 55.


Dec. 17 - Bomb explodes at Pan Am office at Rome, Italy killing 32 and injuring 50+. The terrorists take 7 Italian policemen hostage and hijack an aircraft to Athens, Greece, killing one of them.




March 1 - Diplomats taken hostage from Saudi Arabian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, 2 that are killed are Americans.


April 11 - Kiryat Shmona Massacre at an apartment building killing 18 people, 9 were children.


Sept. 8 - Athens, Greece. TWA Flight 841 exploded from bomb in cargo hold, all 88 passengers killed, including 32-year-old Steven Lowe, an American citizen.


Nov. 23 - British DC-10 hijacked at Dubai, UAE, flown to Tunisia where a German passenger was killed.




Jan. 19 - Arab terrorists attack Orly airport, Paris, France, seizing 10 hostages from a bathroom. French provided the terrorists with a plane to fly them to safety in Baghdad, Iraq.


Sept. 30 - Hungarian airplane explodes killing all 64 persons on board.


Dec. 21 - Carlos “The Jackal” holds 11 oil ministers and 59 civilians hostage during the OPEC meeting in Vienna, Austria. Flew to Algeria, got $300,000,000 in ransom money, Carlos and his Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorists escape.




Jan. 1 - 82 innocent travelers are killed aboard a Lebanese plane.


June 27 - Air France airliner hijacked, forced to fly to Uganda. Some 258 passengers and crew are held hostage. 3 passengers killed. July 4th, Israeli commandos rescue the remaining hostages.


Aug. 11 - Terrorists attack Istanbul airport, Turkey, killing 4 civilians (1 from U.S.) and injuring 20.


Dec. 4 - Terrorists occupied the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands, 1 official killed.


Dec. 14 - Passenger train hijacked and passengers were kept hostage, 3 were killed.




Jan. 1 - F.E. Melov U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, and Robert O.Waring, the U.S. economic counselor, kidnapped and later killed in Beirut.


Oct. 13 - Palestinian terrorists hijack a Lufthansa Flight 181 Boeing 737 and order it to fly around a number of Middle East destinations for four days, pilot is killed by the terrorists, 90 hostages rescued.




March 11 - Gail Rubin, niece of U.S. Senator Ribicoff, among 38 people shot to death by terrorists on a beach near Tel Aviv.


June 2 - A bomb kills 2 people at the CHOGM meeting in Sydney Australia.




July 29 - Terrorist bombs two railway stations in Madrid, kills 7.


Nov. 4 - Terrorists seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and took 66 American diplomats hostage. 13 freed, but the remaining 53 were held until their release on January 20, 1981 - 444 days - at the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan.




April 30 - Terrorists took over the Iranian Embassy in London, holding 26 hostages, 2 of whom died on May 5th after being tortured. Much of the embassy was destroyed by fire.


April 19 - 13 people killed, 177 injured in a terrorist attack in Davao Philippines.


May 13 - Pope John Paul II seriously wounded in assassination attempt in Rome, Italy, by terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca.


Oct. 6 - Egyptian President Anwar Sadat machine gunned dead by Islamic Jihad in Cairo for working for peace. 7 others killed, 28 wounded. The assassins are later executed.




Beginning of the 8 years of terrorism in Lebanon.


July 19 - David Dodge, President of the American University in Beirut kidnapped, spends one year in captivity.


Aug. 19 - Two American citizens, Anne Van Zanten and Grace Cutler, were killed along with 6 others when the PLO bombed a Kosher restaurant in Paris, France.


Sept. 14 - Lebanon’s President Gemayel and 26 others assassinated by a massive car bomb in Beirut.




Mar. 16 - 5 Marines wounded in hand grenade attack on Beirut International Airport.


April 18 - CIA’s Middle East Director, and 83 others are killed, 120 injured in truck bomb on the US Embassy in Lebanon.


Sept. 29 - Gulf Air Flight 771 is bombed, explodes killing all 166 aboard.


Oct. 23 - Simultaneous suicide truck bombs in Lebanon: 1st crashed into lobby of US Marine Corps Headquarters, 241 Marines dead, 82 seriously injured - and 2nd was French compounds killing 58 paratroopers.


Dec. 12 - US Embassy in Kuwait targeted to destroy the building with a truck bomb, attack foiled by guards and the device killed 5 people and injured 80.




Jan. 18 - Malcolm Kerr, President of the American University of Beirut, was killed by two Hizballah gunmen.


Mar. 8 - Rev. Weir and wife kidnapped in Lebanon and held for 16 months.


Mar. 9 - Car bomb kills 80 (22 Americans) and wounds more than 200 civilians when it drove past the checkpoint at the U.S. Embassy in Awkar.


Mar. 16 - Hizballah kidnapped, tortured and killed William Buckley, an officer at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut.


Apr. 12 - Hizballah bombed restaurant adjacent to US Air Force base in Torregon Spain, 18 servicemen killed and 83 Americans wounded.


Sept. 20- US embassy in the Beirut is bombed - 2 servicemen and 23 employees are killed, 21 Americans injured including the U.S. and British Ambassadors. 50+ Lebanese were injured.


Dec. 4 - Terrorists hijacked Kuwait Airlines Flight 221 and demanded the release from Kuwaiti jails of some members, serving sentences for attacks on French and American targets. 2 Americans murdered.




March 16 - US journalist Terry Anderson kidnapped in Lebanon, finally released in Dec. 1991 - 6 years later.


April 5 - Bomb explodes outside Hezbollah headquarters in Beirut killing 80 people.


April 12 - Bombing of U.S. soldier’s favorite restaurant in Madrid, killing 18 and injuring 82.


June 14 - TWA Boeing 727 Flight 847 hijacked en route to Rome, 8 crew and 145 passengers were held for 17 days, U.S. Navy diver was murdered. After being flown twice to Algiers, the hostages were released after the US pressured to release 435 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners.


Sept. 30 - Four Soviet diplomats kidnapped in Lebanon, 1 killed but other three released unharmed after a relative of the terrorist leader’s was kidnapped and killed by the Soviet KGB.


Oct. 7 - Terrorists seize the Italian cruise liner, Achille Lauro, during a cruise in the Mediterranean, taking more than 700 people hostage for 3 days. Disabled U.S. citizen, Leon Klinghoffer, was murdered in front of other hostages by throwing him in the ocean, before the Egyptian Government offered the terrorists safe haven in return for the hostages’ freedom.


Nov. 23 - 98 passengers and crew of an Egyptair Flight 648 are held hostage by Palestinian terrorists in Malta. 5 passengers shot, 2 died, later 57 additional passengers killed when the terrorists set off explosives in the aircraft.


Dec. 27 - Suicide grenade and gun attacks in passenger terminals at Rome and Vienna, Italy airports results in 16 people being killed plus 5 Americans and more than 100 civilians injured.




March 30-April 2nd - A bomb exploded on a TWA flight 840 from Rome as it approached Athens airport. The attack killed 4 U.S. citizens who were sucked through a hole made by the blast, 1 infant, and 9 injured, although the plane safely landed.


April 6 - An explosion at the “La Belle” nightclub in Berlin, U.S. soldiers’ hang-out, was bombed, killing 3 and injuring 230 people, including 79 U.S. soldiers.


Sept. 5 - Pan Am Boeing 747 Flight 73 en route to Frankfurt and on to New York hijacked by Palestinian terrorists, with 379 passengers, including 89 Americans, 22 hostages killed, 127 wounded.


Sept. 9 - Hezballah kidnapped Frank Reed, President of American University in Beirut, and held for 44 months, and Joseph Cicippio, and Edward Tracy who were each held for 5 years.


Sept. 17 - A 10-month series of terrorist bomb attacks in France begins. One bomb in Paris kills 5 and injures 52.




A car bomb exploded outside the back gate of the U.S. Embassy in Rome and rockets were fired at the compound from across the street. One passerby was injured in the attacks.




Feb. 5 - US Marine Corps Lt. Colonel Higgens, Chief of the U.N. Truce Force kidnapped and murdered by Hezbollah.


March 16 - 4000+ Kurdish civilian bodies found after Saddam Hussein ordered nerve gas attack (weapon of mass destruction) in northern Iraq, after they revolted against his rule from Baghdad. 1.5 million relocated, 200,000 disappeared.


April 5 - 122 held hostage after a Kuwaiti Boeing 747 was hijacked and diverted to Iran, then Cyprus. Kuwait refused requests by hijackers to release 17 convicted terrorists. After 15 days the hijackers were granted asylum in Algeria and released their hostages.


June 26 - US Naval Attache killed in Athens, Greece.


Dec. 21 - Pan Am Flight 103 - Boeing 747 from London to New York, blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland, by a bomb. All 259 passengers and 11 on the ground were killed, including 35 Syracuse University students and many U.S. military personnel.




Senior Contributor

Re: bull. There were terrorist long before we started in Iraq

Yes sireeee, If the left could only just sit down and talk with these good folks they could tell them how nice we are and then make a camp fire with some smores. Yep that should do it...............

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Re: Okay, it's over. Vietnam II

Believe it or not, I haven't been satisfied with what he has done with these wars. He said he was going to get our guys out of Iraq, but I was not surprised he had to back up. Afganistan, on the other hand he said he was going to escalate, but now I see it's nothing more than a meat grinder for our boys. There is nothing in Afganistan worth fighting for. Russia should have been fair warning, Afganistan broke Russia, and how anyone can think the US can succeed is fooling themselves. It's time to end these fiascos.

Now for the political side, George did the right thing after 9/11, he went after the people responsible, and I and the rest of the world supported him 100%. He had the people responsible dead in the sights, and let them slip away at Tora Bora. I believe and so do a lot of people believe it was to use OBL as a political pawn, and it worked to perfection, didn't it? Then when that worked so well, Sadame Hussein had threatened daddy, they were a logical target that could be defeated, and they have all that oil, so why not?

Senior Contributor

Re: Okay, it's over. Vietnam II

I have to point out your error GTO.

The world was not supporting the USA 100%.

There was even less support for going to war in Afghanistan.

War was not a prudent or wise way to 'go after' those responsible for the New York attacks. War was the knee jerk, 'I'll show them and all the voters what a great protector I am' answer to a complicated situation. Terrorists are like the wasps in a nest. One wasp buzzes around and perhaps stings someone but few are at risk if you just leave them alone.

Poke the nest with a stick and then you have a whole different situation. Even full grown men are at risk when the whole nest and probably some of there neighbours go after them.

Trick is to find out what caused the nest in the first place and eliminate the building site. Of course that takes foresight, planning and perhaps in the case of terrorist a little compassion and understanding of the causes of their displeasure.

A good leader and administration would take the time to take measured slow steps to bring those responsible to answer to the evil committed. A poor leader and administration fueled by a war hungry populace rush into an unjustified war.

And if you think it is a "meat grinder" for your guys, what does it look like for the people of Afghanistan who have had hundreds of thousands killed and injured.

Many people in the world do not see your country as the good guy in this.