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Senior Contributor

Re: Okay, it's over. Vietnam II

By that time Bin Laden head already taken credit for terrorist attacks against us over seas as well as having connections to the first WTC bombing and he had already declared war against America.  That is why Kerry and others believe Clinton should have declared war on Bin Laden and his terrorist organization al-Qaida and actively tried to kill Bin Laden when ever they opportunity arose as opposed to trying to capture him alive which is a far tougher task and one that was near impossible considering we were not on good terms with most of the countries he hid out in. Not to muention the rugged terrain made it hard to sneek up on him which is why a Predator drone fired missile was the prefered weapon of choice by experts.


You bet Bush made mistakes before and after 9-11.  I will readily acknowledge that and have often posted disagreements I had with Bush's execution of his war on terror.  However Bush's mistakes do not somehow erase the mistakes made by Clinton.   You could also keep going back several presidents and in hindsight see mistakes they also made that helped lead us to our current problem of being hated by many of the more radical Muslims in the world.