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‘Ol Tuck

I wonder if he’s even read the four completed volumes of Caro’s LBJ biography?

Gotta be pretty busy, jet setting around and spending the money from his fish sticks trust fund and the $Ms he hauls in for pouring drivel into the heads of angry boomers.

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: ‘Ol Tuck

I’d also recommend Seymour Hersh’ “The Dark Side of Camelot”

Got pretty well planned at the time for just being tabloid salaciousness- at least for those who feel a need to protect the Kennedy legacy.

Most definitely doesn’t address anything about the assasssination but there’s a lot of background.

Senior Contributor

Re: ‘Ol Tuck

What did Ol tuck say that caused you to lose another night of sleep there Ol angry boomer NQX?