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BA Deere
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Re: On deportation

That`s not even a apple & oranges comparison.  100 years ago this country actually needed people, Americans back then did "work that Americans wouldn`t do".   Today they come for the welfare and food stamps, they want fabulous careers as rap singers, NBA stars and crack dealers...yup a country can`t have too many gangstas.  


As far as Fred Trump and Bavaria in the late 1800s, perhaps they had too many people sucking too few resources ….by the way, does anyone know the level of Lake Mead?


Re: On deportation

so, do you thinks his grandfather also had bone spurs ?


Re: On deportation

What sort of fool would die for his country (or just waste a few years, if he's lucky) when there's a fortune to be made running whorehouses in the Yukon?


Yeah, duh. But make sure to go the game and cheer the heroes on the field.- supply clerks and all.


Hey, DoD has quotas to fill on them too.


We're all sick puppies, just some are sicker than others.

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Re: On deportation

(so, do you thinks his grandfather also had bone spurs ?)


I was wondering if we put Grandpa Trumps children in caged holding facilities like Obama did to the kids crossing our Southern border?