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On taxation, let's suppose

that a single farmer had accululated all the ag assets- and therefore most of taxable base- within your mostly rural school district.


Can you think of a single good reason why you wouldn't tax him very well in order to have a very nice school?


He may employ numerous people in the district but approximately the same amount of people, or more, are going to be employed regardless.


If he decides to take his toys and go home- i.e. sell to a pension fund for $1 billion and move to Brazil, the pension fund is still going to have to pay the taxes and somebody is going to be emplyed farming it.


The only recourse he would have is to gain enough political support to defeat such actions at some level of government- local, state or federal.


He'd need some creative pitches to garner a lot of local support but I suppose he might find allies in overriding local polcies and getting caps from the state.


Or if he had enough allies nationally he could probably buy enough supreme court justices, over time, to declare taxing him as unconstitutional.


Just thinking.

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Re: On taxation, let's suppose

One practical, but not ethical, problem with that example is that farmland is pretty well nigh impossible to move.


With most other kinds of businesses, if you don't give them what they want they will just move it to some malarial swamp that is desperate enough to give them what they want. That could be another town state or country.


A good example is the CME which is threatening to move their high tech bucket shop out of Illinois.