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One Clown Down....

BP's boyish wonder Haywood has been replaced after too many moronic comments and lack of progress on the spill. Now that he is gone, can we somehow get rid of the other kids running things, and get some grown men in charge of things?


Our whole political crew seems like something out of a bad dream. How soon can Tim Pawlenty get sworn in? I am on his email list so hopefully I get the Secretary of Agricultural nod.


That is funny to me since I remember one of my friends that used to lift weights with The Body, and was really peeved that Jesse overlooked him and kept Hugoson on as Ag Secretary for our great State of MN.

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Re: One Clown Down....

Incompetent. Yesterday's hearings he was pathetic.



Looks like the big chairman Svanberg may come forth more, at least for a while.