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bruce MN

One Republican's WW2 analogy

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Senior Advisor

Re: One Republican's WW2 analogy

We gave the repubs their chance and they blew it. John Boehner = Paul Ryan = Nancy Pelosi = Mitch McConnell = Harry Reid. Non of them want to govern as a conservative. They all need to be replaced. Donald Trump is nothing but a replacement candidate. The Brits at Dunkirk were different than the Germans. The repubs in Washington are no different than those they were sent to replace. Not worth the effort it would take to rescue them.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: One Republican's WW2 analogy

Who was that old curmudgeon on 60 minutes that gave us

the low down on Charles De Gaulle.....Andy Rooney???


I miss his commentary, and also Paul Harvey. 


RINOS have helped build up a $20 trillion dollar debt and

they rightly should be scared of the voters.


Re: One Republican's WW2 analogy

Vichy Republicans. I like that.


I note that McCain is accomodating himself to Trump. He's facing a typical strong primary challenge from the right in his fairly crazy state.


I don't fully share your regard for McCain with acknowledgement on some very big things that he's been right about such as initial troop levels in Iraq, and the part of US history that he represents..


But the GOP problem remains the vulnerability to their right in all those red states and gerrymandered congressional districts.


He can make the argument that he can't do any good at all if he doesn't get elected.