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Re: One factor to consider

Most businesses who compensate their help better do better. Under your beliefs, the ideal business model uses slave labor!
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Re: One factor to consider

@schnurrbart wrote:
Prove that asinine statement. I see this morning has not brought any new brightness in your brain!

Bart, did you ever stop to think where it is your pension money comes from?

BA Deere
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Re: One factor to consider

Businesses that "do better" can compensate better.  The minmum wage wasn`t designed to be a living wage, some people just aren`t worth $10/hour that is the simple fact.  And a kid`s first job that half of them run out the door before their shift is over and the other half you`d maybe wish would run out the door Smiley Very Happy...just aren`t worth $10 or $7 an hour.   If they stick around and learn a work ethic they`ll earn more or take their experience and go somewhere that does pay better.


But don`t drag in Mexicans!  They ruined the corn detasseling jobs for kids, Kids used to make good money doing that job, the Mexicans saw that now they do those jobs and the kids play video games.  In truth the Mexicans probably do a better job, but they oughta stay in Mexico and do those jobs.