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Senior Contributor

One improvement to medical care.

Posted prices for medical services in clinics doctors offices and hospitals. So patients can select their needed services based on price as well as competence.


Secondly public posted prices for drugs in all pharmacies and have that information posted on line. So you can shop around for the best deal.  Price for Prilocept (sp) generic in america--44 cents per 20 mg pill in tulsa oklahoma. Price in Mexico for the same product? 40 cents for 10 pills. 


How can patients be informed negotiators if they aren't informed about competitive prices. Plus when our doctor recommend specific products for what ails us, how do we know how much the drug companies kick back to them. BTW. pharmacies make more profit off of generic drugs than they make off of specific brands. Good pharmacists suggest generics to the prescribing physicians. Some times they agree and sometimes they don't.


I know I know those mexican drugs are inadequate or counterfeit.  All  I know is that they are manufactured under license  and millions of mexicans and thousands of americans get along just fine with them.