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Re: One of the smart guys in the room

This is funny because "one of the smart guys" just doesnt understand the rejection of the "establishment" and therefore the success of Trump.

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Re: One of the smart guys in the room



The fact of the matter is, the smartest guys (and gals) in the room will be continuing to run America long after Tuesday's election and yes, they are smart. Indeed, they are a whole lot smarter than either you or me. They went to better schools. They make more money. They have much higher net worths. They smoke less. They have less criminal run-ins with the law. They marry longer and less frequently. They live in better houses. They drive better cars. They live longer. They take better vacations. They have better looking spouses. They own more expensive toys. They have access to better lawyers & doctors. They strongly support diversity & AA programs...for other people and other people's children. They are far less likely to have ever served in the US armed forces. Needless to say, their kids are also far better human beings than everyone else's in every way imaginable. Sorry, but facts sometimes hurt.


The only question of our age is; how on earth did America's power elite class (a.k.a. Top 10% American households) ever convince half of the bottom 90% that the cause of the wealthy & powerful was also their cause too? 


["Democracy is based on the principle that the common man knows what he wants and that he usually get's it...good & hard."

H. L. Mencken]



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Re: One of the smart guys in the room

Last  2 paragraphs are very interesting ---

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Re: One of the smart guys in the room

For some reason, they beleived the lie of, "Trust us.  If you vote for us, you'll get yours too, and be just like us."


I was told that when a lot of the old guys at the Air Traffic Control Center were near retirement, and spent most of their time in the cafeteria or the break room.  "Don't complain, when it's your turn, you'll get it too."  And guess what?  The last years before my retirement under GW, we were forced to work almost twice as much on the boards, because instead of working toward the "self directed work force" that we were kicking around under Clinton, we now had double the supervisory staff that made sure they got their breaks.  So much for small government.  The only thing that got smaller under GW was the controller work force actually working the boards, and our breaks....


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