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Re: One of these things...

RT1 said:


But they still honored the office that he held.


Like on April 11, 2017 said during a join session of Congress, "You Lie!!"   (he didn't - you know that, Right?), shouted by Joe Wilson, Republican congressman from South Carolina.


That incident, basically is what the entire time of President Obama in office was like.   There was NO RESPECT given to Obama during his whole administration from the Republicans.  An this so called president, this lying piece of crap that some on here helped elect, and now think that THIS MAN deserves the RESPECT OF THE OFFICE.   


UH HUH....they can go suck eggs.  


Tick Tock.....BONGx9!!!!!!!!!





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Re: WOW - A Million Dollars

How much is Hillary giving?

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Re: WOW - A Million Dollars

Liberals very rarely give anything of substance, but they DO support taxing others to provide government support.


Their liberal vote is the gist of their benevolence.