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Re: Only a couple of hours old

I wouldn't bother with an infrastructure bank, cart before the horse and those stimulus type jobs disappear when the money runs out. We could use an investment bank, funded by the assets of a liquidated federal reserve, that was geared to fund only domestic small business, and startups. Make it operate strictly through local banks. The factories of big business are gone, the only way this country gets back on its feet is to start at the bottom, one job at a time.
bruce MN

Re: Only a couple of hours old

I need to go back and watch it again and see if he actually said infrastructure bank of in what context he may have said that. he's spoken in the past of a "development bank" witch I believe would be closer to what you are referring to. Ratigan isn't one of those easy money types who keeps saying that we need more "stimulus". He's thinking about actually trying to figure out a way to get back up and running on making and marketing things, under fair trade policies of course. Not stimuli which creates a bit of profit which immediately gets sheltered or sits and rots in some cororattions bank account.


Much as most people  want to demonize it as corportate welfare, the GM bankruptcy and crawl out did some of that. 


Kind of cool to see something a little deeper than Casey Anthony's verdict or the Palins butchering turkeys go viral on the communications venues. He was on for just a couple fo minutes yesterday saying that he was surprised by it all, but since it's flying around out there he'd hope that it would stimulate people to actually look into the situation and educate themselves. And that they would also feel encouraged to contact their representatives and insist on them working at getting money out of politics.


They might be the wrong people to be asking to do that though...HA!