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Senior Contributor

Only lib kids are off limits

Remember the Bush twins?  Oh how the media and the left liked to report on them. 

Now Malia smoking a joint, possibly, is supposed to be ignored.  Oh the horror that we should see the offspring of the one is following in his footsteps and express an opinion.

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Re: Only lib kids are off limits

Who is ignoring it?  


It's all over the Internet. What would you prefer be going on over this huge scandal?


Nice, respectful form, BTW.  No Bogarting. 

Re: Only lib kids are off limits

Wehav, your ACA compliant policy may be able to provide some helpful medications for your raging paranoia.


Although that often requires inpatient treatment.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Only lib kids are off limits

If true, she still has a dozen or more instances to catch up with the bush twins!!  It isn't against the law in Illinois so go take a cold shower!!