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Only two undefeateds left

In the top 25 of the NCAA football polls. Clemson and the mighty Iowa hawkeyes. Houston lost yesterday as well as OK State and Ohio State. Not a good day for OSU teams.


Clemson will remain in the top four qualifiers for the NCAA championship. Clemson and three other losers. Even IF Iowa should finish with a clean slate of 13 victories they may not end up in the final four. They will pick such losers as Alabama, Notre dame and Oklahoma U unless OSU knocks them of in the bedlam game.


Iowa is guaranteed a spot on the BIg Ten championship game representing the west division of the big ten but they still have to play Nebraska and one of the other three losers on top of the eastern division.


Kind of sad that winning them all isn't good enough. Last week we had four undefeateds and only two enjoyed  playoff billings. Now we are down to two undefeateds and only one will qualify for a playoff billing.

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Re: Only two undefeateds left

Don't start whining for the Hawkeyes just yet. If they win out they'll be in. No way are they going to keep an undefeated Big 10 champ out no matter where the "poll" is now. That's the biggest money conference, by far.


Hawks aren't that good but I'm not sure who is. Ohio State was an unknown as they hadn't had to beat anybody, but whew. Urban Meyer called an inexpicably bad game, period. Great win for MSU without their quarterback but they're still a flawed team. Iowa can beat them, probably a tossup in my mind if it comes to pass.


Pac 12 is the odd conference out, Notre Dame on the bubble.


The one thing you can say for Notre Dame is that even though it turns out that their resume isn't all that strong it wasn't by design. They line up a good schedule.







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Re: Iowa jumped to number three

Behind undefeated Clemson and loser Alabama. Alabama may jump over undefeated Clemson because the press think Alabama is so  "special".  


Alas.. Iowa has to defeat Nebraska which is not a given and then the conference championship against Ohio State, Michigan State or Michigan depending how the east  division shakes out. Which of the three would you prefer to play?  If iowa wins the conference championship they will certainly have to play exceedingly well. I hope they are up to it!