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Opposition Reveals Plans

I spend a bit of time, everyday, checking out reliable sources of information that reveal the plans of the Leftists. Here is their plan of fighting the movement to make America great, again. 


Democrats Will Target Eight Cabinet Nominees
Donald Trump's list of high-level appointees is almost complete, and there is much there for the Democrats to dislike. It would be impractical to fight them all, however, so the blue team has to choose their targets. It would seem they have now done so, since Chuck Schumer has given Mitch McConnell a list of the eight nominees he and his colleagues intend to focus upon. Here they are, with brief summaries of the main concerns, as the Democrats see them:


Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Attorney General: By all evidence, Sessions is a racist. That, plus some of his other public pronouncements, suggest that he may be less than even-handed when addressing two of the biggest issues on the Justice Department's docket: police brutality and protection of voting rights. Also, he was sanctioned for misconduct while Attorney General of Alabama.


Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State: The Exxon CEO has zero experience in public service or diplomacy, and is a bit too cozy with Russia. Also has a history of prioritizing his and/or his company's needs over those of the United States.


Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC), Director of the Office of Management and Budget: He is a tea party budget hawk who will try to defund everything.


Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education: Has no particular qualifications for the job; will push for school vouchers, which Democrats hate.


Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), Secretary of Health and Human Services: Wants to tear apart Obamacare, and may be just the man for the job.


Andrew Puzder, Secretary of Labor: No experience in public service; the Labor Secretary is supposed to be an advocate for working people, and Puzder is about as hostile to workers as is possible.


Steve Mnuchin, Secretary of Treasury: No experience in public service; letting a corporate raider—particularly one as cold-hearted as Mnuchin—oversee Wall Street is not unlike letting the fox guard the henhouse.


Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the EPA: Climate-change skeptic and anti-regulation hawk who, like Puzder, seems to hold the opposite views of what is generally wanted for the job.

It's clear that as Democrats picked which battles to fight, they were concerned with two things: (1) How unpalatable the candidate's views are/how much harm they might do, and (2) Whether or not the candidate's resume has weaknesses that offer an opportunity to peel off a few Republican votes.


Meanwhile, of almost as much interest are the names that did not make the list. There's no James Mattis (Secretary of Defense), no Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC; U.N. Ambassador), no John Kelly (Department of Homeland Security), no Rick Perry (Department of Energy), and no Ben Carson (Department of Housing and Urban Development). Only the Senate Democratic Caucus knows their reasoning, but it's easy to imagine that some of these nominees are basically tolerable, while others may fail to gain approval without being targeted by the blue team (a win), or may become a huge embarrassment to the administration (a different kind of win). 



Congress Will Start Repealing the Affordable Care Act Tomorrow

The 115th Congress will be seated tomorrow and within hours, the House plans to adopt a package of rules that will lead to repealing the Affordable Care Act. Next week the House will vote on a budget blueprint that is expected to call for a repeal of the ACA. The House leadership hopes to pass a bill or bills containing repeal in the week of Jan. 30. After it is passed, it goes to the Senate. There, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will send it to the relevant committees with reconciliation instructions. This means when they report back, the debate can take only 20 hours and only 51 votes are needed to pass it. Reconciliation bills cannot be filibustered, but must be about taxes or spending. Since not all of the ACA relates to taxes or spending, McConnell will have to figure out how much of the law he can repeal using the reconciliation process. Certainly, eliminating all the subsides and the individual mandate would effectively kill it, even if repeal of the entire law can't be done using reconciliation. 


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BA Deere
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Re: Opposition Reveals Plans

Paul Craig Roberts- what the Obama regime is up to:  They and the Grahamnesty and assorted neo-cons want war with Russia...pretty badly by the looks of it.  Trump won`t take the bait, so I wouldn`t be surprised if they go all out to antagonize Putin and Trump will inherit a war. 



What is funny about the "evidence" of hacking by the Russians is, the NSA is quiet about it.  And here is the orginal FBI report, now look right at the top is a DISCLAIMER!  Is it wise to act on reports that have disclaimers???


Here`s Obama lecturing Trump on the impossiblity of the election being rigged...this was a month BEFORE the election!

Senior Contributor

here's a revelation for ya


REPORT: Trump Is “Struggling” To Pay Transition Team



President-elect Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager-turned-Communications Counselor Kellyanne Conway will visit Buffalo this week for an exclusive fundraiser. Conway will speak at a Thursday afternoon luncheon at the Westin Buffalo hotel. The $5000 per person event is intended to raise funds to cover the costs of Trump’s transition team, including their salaries.


“Mr. Trump held a fundraiser down in New York City a few weeks back and did raise some money, but they have – I would use the word – ‘struggled’ to raise the private funds needed to pay these individuals who are working on behalf of the taxpayers but not being paid by the government,” said Congressman Chris Collins, who has been an advocate for Trump since early in his presidential campaign.




Ha Ha Ha !!! Why would anyone working for that Con expect to get paid ???

Thousands of other people already learned that lesson.


Do any of the trimpanzeees think that maybe, just maybe those Billions don't exist ??



LOL !!!!!!  There aren't 3 people in Buffalo who will cough up 5 Big ones to listen to HER !!



SAD !!!




Re: Opposition Reveals Plans

As for the nominees those confirmations are going to be a three ring circus extraordinaire.  Most will cram through. Sessions will become a spectacular main event highlight 


As for total or partial (reconciliation) repeal in the Senate I don't think there will be enough GOP votes.  Too many red states with reasonably functioning exchanges and big increases in numbers covered.  And barely mentioned at all is the potential input of the insurance and provider sectors.  Things have leveled off some and they might not want the uncertainty that would come with repeal with no workable replacement immediately in place.  They've got guys on the Senate floor and in the hallways skilled at passing that along to the folks in the plush seats.


And when viewed from left or right, or from above or below, Mitch McConnell is a total doofus who couldn't wipe himself without orders from somewhere on high. The guy could screw up a two car parade in a small town.

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Re: Opposition Reveals Plans

McConnell will do everything in his power to destroy Trump. He hates Trump more than the dems do.

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Re: here's a revelation for ya

(President-elect Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager-turned-Communications Counselor Kellyanne Conway will visit Buffalo this week for an exclusive fundraiser.)



Trump needs to become friendly with Hillary & Obama, neither can govern a lick, but they sure know how to raise money and fill their own coffers.  

Or, maybe some of those Hollyweed / Hollywhiner folks like Miley & Clooney would donate to Trump, just to get Trump and Republicans to quit laughing at them and their pre-election projection videos.


Mitch McConnell vowed

to make Obama a failed president, with Gop obstructionism.

Democrats should return the favor. Smiley Very Happy


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Re: Mitch McConnell vowed

Ten democrat senators in Red States, up for re-election in 2 years won't dare. 


Everyone underestimates our future president. To their demise. 😼

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Re: Mitch McConnell vowed

McConnell never met a spending bill he didn't want to make bigger. He gave Obama everything he wanted until the death of Scalia.

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Re: Opposition Reveals Plans

BA  that report reads like a simple instruction on how to use the internet and not get a bug.


Hardly a national security issue.   serious hocus pocus