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Senior Advisor


Seems things have changed.  Plans were to stay at white house and just take it easy...

Now in hospital at walter reed,

With a fever and what else which

Is not disclosed.  

From my news feeds he is being

given antibody therapy treatment..

While I wish him no horrible stuff

At this time....we need to remember his pushing other 

Treatments.....but he is the we have to make

Shure he gets the best and

Well taken care of....perhaps

Things will now change ?


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Senior Advisor

Re: Opps

Certainly if any American in recent times deserved to die a horrible death it would be him.

But I don’t control it, his actions, the virus, the doctors etc. do.

Why would anybody think a dumb guy who shoots somebody in a liquor store robbery needs to take the long ride but they hold a prayer vigil for somebody who murdered 100k Americans?

Because he’s on a calendar at the FSA?

Senior Contributor

Re: Oops

(NQX regarding President Trump:  Certainly if any American in recent times deserved to die a horrible death it would be him.)

I realize NQX is an idiot however I think I'll put this one on the rolodex.


Senior Advisor

Re: Oops

He must not have been feeling

Well...note when getting off

Marine 1...he walked by the

Greeting marine, and he didnt

Salute back untill he was past,

and it was half hearted....

The mask covered much of

The face that could give

Us some clues.


He is at the right place.


bruce MN

Re: Oops

Add this:

The Nation rallied behind President Reagan after the assassination attempt, but then he hadn’t spent the previous 8 months shooting at people.

bruce MN

Re: Oops

Can’t you just picture the medical staff at Reed scrambling around trying to decide if they had a bed to spare and making the call between Dennison and some other patient as to “who gets the ventilator?”