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Oromney loses his own state


snip-->Even though it was reported Sunday that Miffy
Oromney himself was apparently responsible for picking the slate of Massachusetts State Delegates he was hoping everyone would vote for, his delegates.

Unfortunately for Mitt Romney, that didn't happen.


  Instead, over half of the delegates he was hoping people would vote for never made it, including notable State Republicans such as the House Minority Leader and other state politicians who even wanted to remain nameless.


  Oromney lost so badly in his home state that Ron Paul supporters were even voted in as the majority of the Alternate-Delegates, spiting hopefuls that included a popular 2010 gubernatorial candidate and a prominent Sheriff.


  Even worse for the old Republican establishment is that all these new Mass. State Delegates for Paul will now get to vote for the State Party Chair, the Party Platform, and the VP of their choice. Bet your bottom dollar they will all most likely be Ron Paul Delegates, supporters and ideals.


  Massachusetts, however isn't the only state that has seen this explosion for Ron Paul support.

As the race has developed many states around the country have ultimately gone for Paul, much in the same way. Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado, Louisiana and Alaska thus far have seen similar results play out there, and many more states are expected to follow suit.

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Oromney loses his own state

Romney`s "take away" lesson should be that if he wins in November it will be because Ron Paul supporters decided to take a chance on him.  No more of this talk of becoming more "moderate" in the general election...he can consider that he`s on probation.  may 29th is the Teaxas primary, wonder how that will turn out?

Re: Oromney loses his own state

I'm really looking forward to see how this convention goes. RP has a significant number of delegates, they will be loud and motivated.
Senior Contributor

Re: Oromney loses his own state

You bet, this could be the best thing on TV,(the Republican convention). All those gun totin', trigger happy jokers will be a riot!!