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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Osana Bin Ladin's analytical skills

Even though it has been over a decade now since KSM ,( the guy that first the zero and holder wanted to try in NYC and congress had to step in and say "No!" in a rare adult moment,) put together the 9-11 attacks that Osana Bin Ladin approved, our country still has not recovered. Bush was baited into launching the war we could not win, the one that we would fight and lose on the terms of the enemy, not on our terms. Just like Johnson's Vietnam, Bush and the "war on terror" will be forever linked. Both texans had misguided ideas of what "war" could accomplish and what it could not.


A guy that did seem to get it , and had smarts that are often underestimated was Osana Bin Ladin. BIn Ladin, in retrospect seems to have much more in common with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson than either Bush or Johnson did.He had great analytical skills and evidently could read people and attract guys that could get things done. Seems such a shame that our policies helped change a boy that grew up watching Matt Dillon and Gunsmoke, and idolizing America to the reviled villain of the 9-11 civilian attacks. I read that even as he was living out his last days in that million dollar compound, Bin Ladin still had a fascination with the west, and advised his offspring not to go the path of terrorism , but to pursue education and get good jobs in the west. For their sake,  I hope they do and that their lives are not ruined by the actions of their insane father. Bin Ladin, could have been the pragmatic leader that the middle east needs if he had not been radicalized. I doubt that we in America are privy to much of what Bin Ladin experienced.  Something had to have happened to change him to believing that killing civilians was not evil. Perhaps the same forces that changed Robert Mcnamara, Lyndon Johnson, and Harry Truman. War is hell.


From evidence collected from the compound, before it was razed, it appears that Bin Ladin also wanted to assassinate Barack Obama. Not because he was all that impressed with our POTUS but because he understood and read what type of guy vice president Biden is and saw that a Biden at president would spell even worse disaster for the USA.