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Our Elite Are Working On Behalf of China

An economics professor in China exposes that they use the elite establishment to do their bidding in crushing America. Watch this video, made hours ago:

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BA Deere
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Re: Our Elite Are Working On Behalf of China   


RUSH: I’m glad he finally brought that up. And don’t misunderstood me here. I’ve been asking that since 2015 when Trump first made that his agenda. Make America Great Again. I said, how in the hell is that controversial? But it was. The Democrat Party acted like a bunch of stuck pigs, like they were bleeding to death with that. And that maintained itself over 2016, 2017, 2018, on into his administration, into his first term.

How in the hell is that controversial? Make America Great Again, America First. And Trump’s asking, they’re saying they don’t agree with America First. This is another reason I just do not believe these election results. I do not believe that a majority of people in this country don’t buy in to Make America Great. Who in their right mind who is a standard, ordinary issue, average American could possibly oppose that? You’d have to work at disagreeing with Make America Great Again. By work at it, I mean you would have to come up with reasons to harbor hatred for this country. Only if you have a large degree of hatred or dislike for America could you actually disagree with the concept of America first.

What’s the problem? We’re the good guys. We’ve always been the good guys. Everybody knows we’re the good guys no matter how you define the term. We are the good guys. We don’t conquer; we liberate. We save people under duress. We save people that have suffered great loss and tragedy in natural disasters. We bailed out Europe after World War II. And that’s a microcosm of what we always do. We defend Europe militarily, and we did for all those years when they weren’t even required to pay their fair share. How in the world can anybody come along and say that Make America Great Again or America First is somehow problematic?

Well, specifically I can tell you. If you happen to be a globalist, if you happen to believe in a globalist arrangement where there aren’t any superpowers, where there really aren’t any nation states, if that’s your ultimate objective, and make no mistake, that is the ultimate objective. But if you believe that there should be no superpowers, if you want to disbelieve everything about the American founding, then that’s why you would be worried about Make America Great Again. That’s why you’d be worried about America First.

If Make America Great Again threatens you, if America First threatens you, then you really aren’t a traditional American. And I don’t believe that there are enough of those people, I don’t believe there are 80 million of them that voted for Joe Biden or whatever the number he got is. I don’t believe there are that many of them. Just refuse to believe it. It’s not possible.

Now, I’m acknowledging there’s some election fraud, and I got a lot of people that voted for Biden not even knowing any of this or thinking about any of this. They see a D next to his name and they vote for the guy, whoever it is. And there was a large percentage of that. Here’s the next bite. I want you to listen to the love from the crowd in this bite.

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Re: Our Elite Are Working On Behalf of China

BA, what I kind of am getting from here, from the communist side of things, is total indifference as to whether or not jobiden actually got the votes. They don't care....their feeling is that if 100 percent of the democrat cities would be forced to vote, they would pick the communists, and that would win the election, so what is the big deal with a few legalities?

You have to remember that the revolution in 1776 probably was only truly supported by 30 percent or less of the population, and it took true believers like George Washington to give us this great country, not inter city voters.

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Re: Our Elite Are Working On Behalf of China

News of ChiCom treachery and how our bi-partisan oligarch class in Washington DC has profited from this legal graft should come as a surprise to no one.

If you were a power elite (a.k.a. Gold collar workers, Washington DC Congressmen/Senators/Administrators, Davos Men, Wall Street/Silicon Valley/Hollywood high level executives, famous academics, etc.), then you already know that there was just too d*mn much Chinese money sloshing around these past thirty years to simply say, “no.” 

All too often, the oligarchs took the ChiCom money without regard to where the cash was coming from. Which of course, helps to explain how government salaried, career politicians like the Clintons, Obamas, Reids, and McConnell’s have all become multi millionaires.

[see: Secret Empires (2018) by Peter Schweizer]

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Re: Our Elite Are Working On Behalf of China

As I've said before do you ever notice the progs almost won't even say the word China?   Do they say anything about human rights in china?  When they wish to foist mountains of regulation of US employers do the insist on china following the same guidelines? Rather they gobble up Chinese goods made by slaves in factories spewing pollution, they pocket the kickbacks (10 held by h for the big guy) and kneecap America.    The idiots have even tried to make it verboten to say the virus originated in china.

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Re: Our Elite Are Working On Behalf of China

And now it becomes clear why there is a bipartisan effort to destroy Donald J Trump. The most transparent president in modern history.

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Re: Our Elite Are Working On Behalf of China

@r3020 wrote:

And now it becomes clear why there is a bipartisan effort to destroy Donald J Trump. The most transparent president in modern history.

Transparent president?  Because he tweeted his lies to anyone willing to read his crap?

You’re a fool.