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Senior Advisor

Our Military

Michael Anton, ahem.

But I do think there's some panic setting in as the realization dawns that Our Military is none too anxious to be part of the ETTD Death List by joining with the other elements of the government that are being dragooned into a Trump Army.

I predict that barring an almost unimaginable level of post-election social unrest, the military will remain on the sidelines.

But should Trump manage to prevail by a combination of hook and crook and the SCOTUS certifies the victory (almost certainly where a highly contested race has to end up) then Our military does find itself in the unenviable position of being on the Trump Disloyalty list.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Our Military

A large majority of the officer corps is conservative and Republican leaning, given half a chance.

But also deeply invested in protecting the institution.

Senior Contributor

Re: Our Military

Hollowhead you have no clue what the military is or how it's members think. Puzzies like your were spitting on the returning vets 50 years ago and now some how think you are a expert.