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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Our boy bieber.

Bieber's plane arrived from Canada to be searched for drugs. Poor little rich boy.

It reminds me of a Dire Straits hit song called Money for Nothing. Google it and listen to the words. Surely Knoppler couldn't have known about him 25 years ago.
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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Our boy bieber.

Dire Straits!  that`s who I was trying to think of , that song was on KFMC 106.5 out of Fairmont and we were singing along to it in the car.  I thought the lyrics were "...♫ see the little fargot ♪ with the earing and a mink coat♫"  but we looked up the lyrics and it`s "earrings and MAKE UP"  anyway radio stations *bleep* out the word "fargot" nowadays around here on the radio.


But yeah, Bieber is a "little fargot" he has a earring and he is a millionaire, that is for sure.

Senior Contributor

Re: Our boy bieber.

Good song, but Industrial Disease was the favorite.  Bieber isn't on my radar.