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Our message is meant for you not us.

A controlled power shutdown was not well received by Californians, it seems talk is cheap, they're not yet ready to address climate change - at least if it affects them.

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Our message is meant for you not us.

Greta needs to give them a pep talk or scolding.

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Re: Our message is meant for you not us.

Greta's writers, handlers and funding sources don't understand the chaos and destructiveness of "panic", or they don't care, or worse, they DO understand and desire it.  In the case of the latter, we should all take their potential threats for economic upheaval and to world peace quite seriously.  

How would it impact the United States (and life as we know it) IF there was a "one-world" government where the United States had exactly 1 vote?  It would not simply be an uplifting of the poorer nations, somebody pays, and whoever pays would see economic contraction and perhaps collapse.  It would not mean world peace the way we think of it, somebody would be in control, and we need look no further than the UN influences of Russia and China, or the UN votes on Israel, to see that the new US would look much different if truly subject to the vote of other world nations.

Senior Contributor

Re: Our message is meant for you not us.

If we could only get a shut down of the East Coast as well.... 

Maybe stop delivery of fuel for a couple months?  It would be for the climate of course while they get to live out their fantasy.