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Senior Advisor

Re: Our saddled kids

Some body has to take care of ILLEGAL aliens or pay for Bruce Jenner to look like a girl.

Senior Contributor

Re: Our saddled kids

and subsidize colleges providing safe spaces and teaching white kids to hate themselves for supposed “privilege”
Honored Advisor

Re: Our saddled kids

The party that ever gives a damn about the deficit is the party that`s out of power.  After the midterms and then 2020 or the outcome of the "25th Amendment" you`ll see less and less giving a damned about the debt in the mainstream media.  During the "Warren/Castro administration" in 2020, the only one caring about debt will be Peter Schiff again.  


Paul Krugman, Nobel prize winning economist will be back to writing blogs about "the debt does not matter and we owe it all to ourselves anyway" as he did years 2009-2016.


The debt is unpayable and has been for 20 years now, my advice is don`t drag in anymore poor people that we have to take care of and fix the roads, cause it sucks driving over potholes during a depression.