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Outline for next Dan Brown novel

Those tales always weave some sort of religious-spiritual theme onto a mostly factual historical structure.


My inspiration here is the CIA doc that came out with the JFK trove which reported a man in Columbia who claimed to have met Hitler in a small village there in the '50s. Those stories are always around- so many conspiracies so little time- but no serious historian believes them and I dismiss them on the basis that if the Mossad could find Eichmann they sure as heck would have found Hitler.


Anyway, the factual historical backdrop begins in Europe immediately after WWII as various secretive Catholic orders are assembling the ratlines that they would use to smuggle German, Italian, Croat and Ukrainian catholic war criminals to safety in South America, probably with the intentional inattention of Rome CIA station chief James Jesus Angleton.


The storyline emerges with the a pair of Lebensborn in Exile twins in Argentina in the late 1950s are smuggled into the US as babies and placed under cover by the cult, now known as The Church Militant.


There have been rumors of the plot for decades but then, after a the cover of a career on Wall Street and Hollywood, one emerges as the Rasputin-like controller of a fascist American president. The other remains under deep cover but is rumored to act as the movement's webmaster from a pig farm somewhere in eastern Indiana.


The only people in the world who are in the know enough to save the world are Leah Washington- an exotic African American jewess with a PhD in forensic anthropology and her cohort Adam Jones- a gun control activist who manages to stay one step ahead of a Blackwater kill team hired by the NRA.


OK, I'll work on the second chapter later



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Re: Outline for next Dan Brown novel

Did you see “The Good Shepard”? Also he was in Italy as the war ended and stayed working with the OSS and then helped found the CIA. Was never in Italy as part of the CIA. VERY interesting man.