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Owls and Geese and Ladybugs! Revolution in farming!

All you farming people need to stop using Roundup. Glysophate is poisonous! For I have seen Biggest Little Farm, and now I know the true way to do farming.

In the movie, using only a mysterious investor a guru-like farming consultant, intrepid documentary-maker John Chester and his wife, inspired by a rescue dog, create a wonderful little farm now known as Apricot Lane Farms, in California. 

It takes 8 years and I don't want to spoil the movie but it is truly a wonderful sight to see the successes that the little farm achieves.

I realize it is very difficult to scale up a farm like that to transform the entire agricultural system, but you can do it if you try!  Maybe start with just a garden?  Myself, I am a city dweller.  I try to convince my landlord and my sweetheart that the lawn shouldn't be mowed so much, so that some lightning bugs can survive the onset of the Anthropocene geological era.

Thanks for reading!