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Senior Advisor

Oz and McCormick agree

that there’s nothin’ more American than counting every last mailed ballot.

Meanwhiks, the ultra MAGA gal says the election was stolen.

Just gotta laugh.


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Re: Oz and McCormick agree

I know I heard it here in the past... day of election , stroke of midnight should be the official and final result... no counting ballots after midnight.  One guy wanted me to agree that is how it should be...

Senior Contributor

Re: Oz and McCormick agree

So why do Dems count for months until they get just enough whats your point ....2 sets of rules I guess

Anyway you should be happy the uni party won and stars quo remains in tact 

bruce MN

Nephew sent this

Let me see if I understand this:

When voters submitted ballots by mail in Pennsylvania during the 2020 presidential election, which overwhelmingly favored Joe Biden, those ballots were fraudulent and ought to be questioned.

When voters submitted ballots by mail in Pennsylvania during the 2022 Republican primary, which will determine whether Dave McCormick or Mehmet Oz is a nominee for U.S. Senate, those ballots were valid and ought not to be questioned.

And we're to pay no attention to the fact that both McCormick and Oz questioned the validity of mail-in voting as centerpieces of their campaigns until they both suddenly had miraculous changes-of-heart around 11:30 last night?

Y'know, folks, I'm starting to think some of these people really aren't on the level.


Senior Contributor

Re: Nephew sent this

I think it was the pennsylvania supreme court making laws and overruling the existing state law and extending the deadline for receiving absentee ballots to Nov. 6, or three days after Election Day; and drop boxes for submitting mail-in ballots that was the issue.

Senior Advisor

Re: Nephew sent this

You are correct Ed. But Bruce really thought he had something. What a tool. HEE HEE HEE