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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: 50 yrs. + old advice

Bruce actually seems to get a perverse satisfaction of seeing ever

expanding welfare rolls, and the reason for this yahooism on his 

part is that, for the most part, he sees the cost  coming out of 

someone else's pocket.


On the other hand, I had some perverse satisfaction of my own with

the recent legislation in MN to put the school building levies on the

houses, garages, and one acre of land, and not on the total ag land



Cause I "just know" that Bruce lives in a higher assessed house than

I do, and I no longer have any non-homestead houses on the tax



Makes me much more likely to support the school building levies in

the future. Funny how that works.

Re: 50 yrs. + old advice

Would probably be a good idea to check the property records before spewing.  If you don't own any non-homesteaded property you must have sold that "2nd place" in the past week or so, as it's still listed.  At a higher valuation than any primary homesteaded residential property in an agricultural zone we have ever owned.  As for the "house I live in", we've recently sold it for just over half of what the one you live in is appraised for.  Actually still there and renting it now, until we get settled elsewhere. .


i can hit BACK on this machine and get you the links on all of that, but sure you can find it.  


As as for that hasn't been signed, due to juvenile GOP histrionics.  And you obviously don't understand it very well, as you describe the mechanics  BTW, G. Goofy rocks.



Re: PBS News Hour and Hill`s email lies.

"Men caught in divorces they didn't want". WTH is that? The ones they "wanted" are OK? 


Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater.....



Senior Contributor

Re: 50 yrs. + old advice

BA, what do you call farm "subsidies"?  I call it a safety net paid for by others.

Senior Contributor

Re: 50 yrs. + old advice

The king of welfare rolls is our "farm subsidies".  we all know it comes out of someone else's pocket.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: 50 yrs. + old advice

Farm subsidies are a poor "safety net" they will not keep a failing farm in business.   I`ve said many times that they should`ve never started subsidies, but year after year some kind of bipartisan farm bill has been in place. 


But everything is subsidized beyond what`s even given to hardup clowns.  Look at oil if the US Navy didn`t escort the tankers through the Gulf of Hormuz, what would your gasoline price be?  Sudent loans are subsidized.  Fannie & Freddie home loans



All these lobesided trade deals that allow companies like Walmart to bring in 100`s of billions in cheap trinkets that can be bought below the cost of production....all this crap is subsidation and for every finger you point, there are 3 pointing back at you (unless you were in a cornpicker accident).


But the ACR PLC payments that a farmer gets are capitalized directly into the pockets of the person he rents his farm from.  So if you are a landlord, be sure to thank the government. 

Re: PBS News Hour and Hill`s email lies.



Yep, they totally game the system.  They vote for the "Uncle Sugar" party as well. 


In women and politics, ..... Pick them well. If not, you WILL get screwed. 

Senior Contributor

Re: 50 yrs. + old advice

You just can't except that farm subsidies is welfare.  It's become the worse of worse entitlement program.  Why are farmers subsidied  and other business don't recieve such handouts ? 


Yout excuses giving don't make e grade.       

Senior Contributor

Re: PBS News Hour and Hill`s email lies.



So she finally filed huh ???   Well, is it any wonder ??