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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

PBS News Hour and Hill`s email lies.

Lisa Desjardins ♥ (hey she`s kinda hot) exposes Hillary`s change in language that now somehow has Comey saying that she was "truthful"????   Talk about spin, even Judy Woodruf and the lovely Lisa had to call foul on that one.  



*Perhaps with Donald Trump`s little temporary setback here, the liberal media will feel more at ease in doing some honest reporting about Lyin` Hillary?   One can only hope.

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Re: PBS News Hour and Hill`s email lies.



The question has never been whether Hillary Clinton was either a liar or a crook. Rest assuredly, and having watched her and her husband over the past quarter of a century, she is both. Okay, so no great revelations in that observation.


The important question today is, as President will Hillary be our liar and our crook? If you are Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon, Larry Fink, or a hundred or so other big money donors; you already know the answer to that question. Needless to say, if you live in a top 10% household (a.k.a. Investor class) you too are likely to profit from a Hillary Clinton presidency. Donald Trump, on the other hand is a wild weasel. If he were to become President, there is just no telling what he might or might not do. 


Therefore, ignore all of the leftist rhetoric coming out of the Clinton campaign this year. It is all just so much boob bait for the Bernie & indigenous urban people bubbas. It means nothing. Instead, put your trust in knowing the Clinton's always look out for the best interests of "their friends in greatest need"...if you get my drift.


Vote for Hillary. She is a liar and crook we can count on. 

Re: PBS News Hour and Hill`s email lies.


Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: PBS News Hour and Hill`s email lies.

I went to Mankato last night to attend the Vikings family night scrimmage, with 

fireworks, but didn't go after hearing about the crowd there and the inability to

even see Vikings or get a seat. Instead did some family workshops.....code for

I work and the wife


Hard to see how Trump has much of a chance in Mankato...just judging from

the shoppers in the stores. Lots of tattooed couples, that could easily tip the

scales at 300lbs a piece....pretty sure they have never done any manual

labor in quite some time. Really didn't see too many people that I would

bet on pulling the Trump lever in November, but maybe I read them wrong.

Just because you love doritos, soft drinks, and couches does not mean

that you hate America.


Getting used to seeing the Somalians, but it must still be an eye opener for

those outside of the area that stop in Mankato. Guess Trump peeved that

community off by commenting on the strain they are putting on the MN

welfare system. Thats not a politically correct theme.


Drove some of the backstreets and if I didn't know I was in Mankato,

I would have guessed that I took the wrong turn on the interstate again

in Mississippi and was deep in the projects. Not very many likely Trump

voters there, either.


THe best scenario is for Hillary to step down, due to health concerns, or

an indictment, and for the country to take its chances with Tim Kaine. He

may not be much, but at least he is not Hillary.


I just dont see Trump getting elected.





BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: PBS News Hour and Hill`s email lies.

Smiley Very Happy   Yes, the demographics of these large Minnesota towns have dramatically changed.  I recall +25yrs ago going to Mankato to C&S supply and Menards, then of course hitting Bonanza and pigging out and the place was full of farmers.   I mean the table next to you would be strangers but they had seedcorn caps on and you`d "snakke" with them 1/2hr about farming.


Rochester had the only Fleet Farm around and Menards after making those rounds, head over to Old Country Buffet and pig out and it was farmers and actually good food as I recall.  But today these places look like the damned United Nations puked all over these places.  I saw a Old Country Buffet somewheres and went in with a buddy(my wife wouldn`t be caught dead in there) and the food sucked, it was inedible.   I can`t go in such places or i`d be dead or 300lb Hillary supporter, looking like I did no manual labor  🙂 ...but it`s easy to stay away with the crap they pass off as food.


I had to help a friend of the Wife`s that`s going through a divorce, move.  From the story I initially heard we were sympathic that she had a "controlling man yada yada yada"  but as the day wore on, turns out she has a guy on the side.   Well, though we never met her soon to been ex-husband, we kind of have sympathy more for him learn alot helping someone move. 


I`ve counseled a few couples (simply because they were too cheap to seek a professional) but the bar of decency has definitely been lowered and i would say the women are mostly at fault from what i`ve observed ...divorce is too easy and favors the women.  But the kids in the aftermath really suffer, both parents juggle them and try to spoil them gaining favored parent status.  No one wants to be the disciplinarian only the "free candy and video game parent' and those poor kids do poorly in school and end up looking to Obama or Hillary to continue being their parent.

50 yrs. + old advice

Reading you two here from day to day brings me back to a piece of advice that I picked up way, way back from our 10th grade Biology teacher and all around good guy.


Devout family man who could have been described as nothing but perfectly conservative, in the very best way.


That, after witnessing a couple of guys from the more "advantaged" farm families in the community taking fun over a family of working class kids, being essentially raised by their Mom who worked in the local chicken processing plant....yeah, they were around back then in BA's pre-1980 Wonderland...with a disabled Dad who suffered from ever worsening effects of WW2 combat injurie (he didn't live much longer than then, actually).


He looked at those boys and said, essentially, "It's going to be a long, unhappy life for you if the only thing you have to base your worth on is the length of the list you hold of people you can look down your nose at."



Re: 50 yrs. + old advice

Well said Bruce.  Is it any wonder that they are such avid supporters of shallow Don ??


Hey boys, take notice at the next farm auction you attend and report back on the physical condition of the good people that attend those...... 

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: PBS News Hour and Hill`s email lies.

yeah, my heart goes out to the men caught up in divorces they didn't

want....they are legion now in the America that exists after LBJ decided

to have the govt be the Daddy for everyone, at the time he was being

a creep and telling Jackie  that he wanted to be a daddy to her kids



Women do the math and quickly discover they can live pretty good with

child support checks, a small job, and all the government freebies they



THe men rarely fare very well.....unless they can snag a sugar momma...

the ex of someone else that is enjoying all the spoils.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: 50 yrs. + old advice

I don`t think any of us is "looking down our nose" at anyone.  I seems to me there are 5 things that you can do in your life in America today, it`s about a 90% chance that you`ll be a success.  Don`t recall everything but it`s simple things like graduate high school, don`t use illegal substances or abuse alcohol, don`t make babies until you`re married..I would add, show up at work on time, keep your word because basically your family`s good name is your most valuable possession (I can`t tell you the number of people that maybe screwed me out of less than 50 bucks and sold their reputation. It didn`t break me and certainly never got them rich).    Up until the last few years if you follow the golden rule in America, you`ll be a success...I can not guarantee though that "past perfomance will lead to future success" though, we`re in uncharted waters.


All the things that I`ve mentioned, the Democrats want to buffer with a safety net.  It`s getting so that not paying bills and lying and being slothful is no big sin "everybody`s doing it"....and I suppose people that buy into this new philosophy will be "looked down at" by me....what the hell, should i put them up on a pedestal? 

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: PBS News Hour and Hill`s email lies.

I have a friend that`s been at a factory for about 30 yrs now, never been married and watch at work the women that plan and follow a plan of "I`ll marry a pretty well off guy that`s employed here, have babies with him, divorce him, get alimony, child support and take half his stuff.  After the kids are out, marry a new guy that`s well off and we can travel".  Well, over the years at the break table he`s heard and seen this formula followed and implemented many times, these whores working the system with the hoochy-cootchy and striping men clean, just working their hindend off for the pleasure of a couple years of arm candy.  Damned vampires is what they are.


A young man these days ..why get married, chance of losing half of what you got and have a chunk of your paycheck going to some gal that`s living high on the hog with your money!   yeah where`s the equal rights for women crap?  Some of these women come into a marriage with a car loan and student loans but leave the marriage in a few years with a house and a nice monthly check.   If there wasn`t this "no fault divorce" there wouldn`t be so much of this crap, but the lawyers get rich.