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bruce MN


Inside work on a cold weekend. Helping one of the girls get some done before the baby comes in a few weeks.

Somebody had a playlist on. Ironicly (to me) that this came and I listened in light of the events of the week:

“if I knew you were drowning, I wouldn’t lend a hand”

“So wipe off that grin. I know where you’ve been. It’s all been a pack of lies.”

As a side, I used to tell the girls when itcame on the radio “Listen for what in my long years of listening I consider to be the best 2 measures in the history of Rock and Roll”.

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Re: Painting

I like the - Led Zeppelin “Whole Lotta Love”


Re: Painting

My all-time favorite is One Way or Another.

My father always listened to this song in the car when I was traveling with him. It is related to the most beautiful moments of my childhood. I really thank him for showing me the rock and roll songs because that's how my musical tastes were formed.
At the wedding, I insisted on putting this song, haha. My husband could no longer hear it whenever he heard it at home.
Even the workers from couldn't stand it. At least once a day, they had to hear this song, haha.