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Palefaced WI PK goes full nazi


Koch puppet movesd to bring Reichstag under control and sincve he has a negative net worth, his bills paid.

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Re: Palefaced WI PK goes full nazi


Speaking of Nazis, GOP Jesus' first cousin Binny prepares for a genocide by claiming they did it first.

Re: Palefaced WI PK goes full nazi

sad state of affairs to be sure.


we still have close to 40% that think he is doing a heckuva good job........and then you have the state legislature, well, no worries for them, they have gerrymandered so completely that they are able to do whatever they want with no repurcussions. The world we live in....  

Re: Palefaced WI PK goes full nazi

Oops, wrong place

that was re: Dr. Ben's many assertions.


As far as this topic is concerned, do you think that WI's troubles really got rolling, possibly innocently enough, under Thompson?

Re: Oops, wrong place

for sure the problems started under Tommy T. He was good at cooking the books........


so much so, that when he left for DC and a cabinet spot with GWB, the fall guy became Scott McCallum, he was the Lt. Gov that ascended to gov when Tommy left. It only took a year for the real numbers to surface. Tommy was a consumate politician and could keep the balls in the air, McCallum was a creepy, goofy, social retard with no people skills, or business skills, was all thumbs and the balls fell.  


Now, Tommy would not make it out of the repub gov. primary, he was not a firebrand and so would have no chance.