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Palestinian's bid for recognition as a "observer state"


snip-Frustrated in their request for full statehood last year amid U.S. opposition at  the United Nations Security Council, Palestinians have launched a watered-down  bid for recognition as an "observer state" -- the same status given to the  Vatican                                                                   

    snip--RAMALLAH, Palestine: Palestinians have launched a diplomatic blitz aimed at  garnering a strong majority for a vote granting them non-member statehood at the  United Nations slated for next month, officials said on Tuesday.

    Despite heading for a sure victory in the U.N General Assembly, mostly  consisting of post-colonial states historically sympathetic to the Palestinians,  West Bank diplomats are courting European countries to further burnish their  campaign.

snip--Palestinian officials say that they can count on around 115 'yes' votes, mostly  from Arab, African, Latin American, and Asian states, and expect around 22  no-votes, led by the United States, and 56 abstentions in the 193-member  organisation

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Re: Palestinian's bid for recognition as a "observer state"



When I saw the title of your post actually thought it would be about the Palestinians asking to be observers of the US election.


FWIW, I'm in favor of having a few guys in kaffiyehs standing around in some precincts in western Ohio, just because it amuses me. but the stuff, if it happens, will be going on in a computer lab somewhere a long ways from there.


BTW, here's a story about a programmer with some links to the 2004 election in Ohio and, gee you won't believe this, in a small plane crash after he'd been subpoenaed.


To make matters worse, Diebold, which ran the Ohio election tab system in 2004, has been sold to a conglomerate that traces bag to Romney's son Tag.


Can't make this stuff up.


Final thought- wasn't it Taqg who was going to punch Obama out after the KY debate?  That in and of itselfg is so bogus becasue we all know that Mitt and all five of his sons wear lacy panties and couldn't whip a wet noodle (although they could pay for somebody else to.)