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Senior Advisor

Palestinians have taught gaddafi well!!

Only thing is now it is reported as beliveable because we are lead by the One.



Details are emerging of what the Gaddafi regime is doing to stoke the propaganda war. Reports on the ground say its forces have been shelling schools and mosques in Misurata. But we are also being told that the regime has taken to moving dead bodies around Tripoli and dumping them where coalition forces have destroyed Libyan installations, to ’show’ that civilians have been killed. They say 64 have been killed in the attacks so far. Using corpses as props is a fairly gruesome touch, but he needs to show the bombings are indiscriminate. At this end we are assured that greater efforts than ever are being made to avoid ‘collateral damage’. Dr Liam Fox has “set acceptable civilian losses to zero”, we are told. The MoD is devoting considerable time to a rigorous process of targeting, with the defence secretary himself taking an oversight role.