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Palin clone Kim Reynolds??


Terry Bumstead , Iowa repubby governor hopeful, announced yesterday his pick for Lt Gov.,  Kim Reynolds....She is a Sarah Palin lookalike complete with the glasses and the high pitched sing song voice.. Anti abortion, anti gay marriage, anti spending, anti, anti, anti---- geeeeze! How does this pick help him calm the waters with the Vanderwhoosit crowd? He doesn't really give a dam about them!





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Re: Palin clone Kim Reynolds??

I don`t know anything about her, it sounds like she`s  Vander Plaats in a prettier package. That should throw a bone to the majority of VP supporters. I have heard some VP supporters will not under any condition darken the oval for Branstad. My question to them is: If your inaction causes Culver to be relected, Chet will then see that as a mandate on his first term. Iowa will then become the butt lovinest, baby killinest state in the union. Will that make you VP supporters happy????