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Veteran Advisor

Palin moving to Arizona!

May the Saints preserve us!  She bought an 8000 sq ft mansion in Scottsdale with all the other HAVES.  Heck of a deal--$1.7 million.  There will be annual pilgrimages starting this fall for all you tea partiers.

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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Palin moving to Arizona!

She certainly has used her positon as Pied Piper of the Repigs to her best advantage.  She will continue the threats of Presidency until the very end but will never have the grunt to make it.   Take away the smashing good looks and you have a bare chassis.

Senior Contributor

Re: shore beats the hood !!!!

shore beats going to obamos and getting carjacked while in the projects dont it ---just facts not as clyburn and racist dems would say