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BA Deere
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Re: Pandering blows up in face

Ah yah, "Christian" leaders aren`t always the brightest bulbs, if it weren`t for divine intervention I doubt they`d last long...some of `em


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Re: Pandering blows up in face

Christians should be slaughtered in the middle east and the muslim should be brought here and given a mosque. That will bring peace.

BA Deere
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Re: Pandering blows up in face

That`s rich, a big city reporter lecturing us on what`s "Christian"...the other 6 days of the week he snickers at how stupid Christians are, how man "evolved" from tadpoles, writes favorably about baby killing marchs and cheers the bankruptcies of real Christian bakeries that refused to bake a gay cake.  The Good Book says `Jesus is the only way to Heaven` in other words, if these Muslims don`t repent they aren`t going to be saved.  If we turn this country over to Sharia Law and infedels "Christians" don`t convert to Islam, their heads will be chopped off.


Yet on every other matter these elitists want nothing to do with Jesus and the Bible, only when they can cherrypick the peace & love crap do they invoke the Lord.

Re: Pandering blows up in face

The article that I read was an individual who was not espousing his personal views on anything.  


It wasn't an op-ed.  It was reporting on what numerous clergy and leaders of Christian groups had to say. 


Where re do you get that twist out of it?

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NY Times and Chicago's Huppke?

Pretty good sources for Christian leadership stories. Nothing like living in a bubble.


Odd that Huppke didn't put in a plug for homosexuals, too in that column about the refugees.

Re: NY Times and Chicago's Huppke?

Is your motive for posting this informative, condemnation or endorsement?