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Par for the course

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Honored Advisor

Re: Par for the course

Reading a law is too much work for the dems. They'd rather call everyone a racist, that's their normal modus operendi. Excellent vid : )
Senior Contributor

Re: Par for the course

I like that video.  It gets the point across nicely without resorting to personal attacks.   This is the first time I have seen it.  I wonder how much air time the video has gotten and if it was used for TV commercials.  If used in commercials I wonder just where all it has played?  Only in Arizona or else where in the country as well?

Senior Advisor

Re: Par for the course

It seems to me that you folks knew all about death panels and the like about the health insurance bill. And you knew all that before the bill was even written.


Re: Par for the course's OK because the other side does it too!!