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Party of Zombie ideas

the GOP, and actually some real Walking Dead- Grassley, Hatch, Graham etc.


But howabout the call to step up and internationalize the failed 50+ year war on drugs?


That has always had some appeal to constituencies law enforcement, criminal justice, prisons (public and private) who get their funding that way.


And of course many Good People who think that their gold star for not using drugs is getting taken away if people don't get locked up and the key thrown away.


But nobody pretends it hasn't been a huge waste of resources and failure and never anything other than an attempt to advance authoritarian social control. That's why it appeals to people like Putin, Duterte and the Trump era GOP.



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Senior Contributor

Really a mistake

Drugs are the only thing keeping most progs from offing themselves.


That zoloft lithium cocktail keeps them from rioting too.

lol "libertarians"

get all worked up over FDa regulation or putting sudafed behind the counter but somehow always come up with a "whatabout" and swing in behind the authoritarian party.

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Re: lol "libertarians"

I think your drug use is no ones business but yours.  

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Re: lol "libertarians"