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Veteran Advisor

Re: Path to Prosperity

That it is.

Senior Advisor

Re: Path to Prosperity

Your sole concern is the money. Are you concerned about age 40 and spending money on those that won't make it? What are you going to do with a 90 year old with a broken hip? Let her live in pain or l;et her die.  You nggona cut of pain meds because it is just an additional cost for somebody that won't make it anyway.


What amazes me is that you think those decisions are simple or easy or even moral. I think you have these profound simplistic solutions and you are convined that you have all the answers.


People have to make some very difficult decoisions, but I thought you pubbies are not in favor of death panels. You campaigned and ran on how dastardly the noexistant death panels were but now you want to create them to save a lousy buck.