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Pearl Harbor Day...Yamamoto

Complex man. Ant-war. Advised against waging war on the U.S. but when it came time did his job. 


Good read:

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Re: Pearl Harbor Day...Yamamoto

Thanks for the link Bruce.

Good read.

Did not know anything about him before.


Always easy after to see why you should not start wars and interesting to see who understood things better.

I see he was 'patriotic' and did what was asked of him although it went against his principles.

I guess that would be what I would hold against him.

Sort of like the Germans who did evil things and then said they were just following orders.

That said not sure what I might do in a similar position because the alternative is not very attractive when you try standing up against the authorities as well as public opinion.

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Re: Pearl Harbor Day...Yamamoto

Was he the one who allegedly said after the news of success at Pearl "I fear we have awakened a sleeping dog"?