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Pedophile nun scandal

as if it needed something else a pedophile nun scandal is now rocking the Catholic church.


I don't know what all is going on there but we need to have a moratorium on Catholic judges until we know more.


Divorce is a far from a perfect marker of personal morality but for lack of a better one, Jews and atheists have the lowest rates so I'd suggest looking there in the interim.


Evangelical Protestants have the highest rate which probably goes a ways to explain why they were easily captured by The Evil One.





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Re: Pedophile nun scandal

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Re: Pedophile nun scandal

Oh, so you don't believe in separation of church and state. You do believe in discrimination based on religion. Guess this is the finale nail in the John Francis O'Rourke campaign. You calling for Polesi to step down? Andrew Cuomo?

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Re: Pedophile nun scandal

I was at a sale and passed on a hay cart.


Should have picked it up in case yours wears out.

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Bruce, while we're on the religion beat

when I was ruminating over the Pence boys- new Congressman elect Greg first but also VP Mike- stiffing the bank and the taxpayers of Indiana over their gas station fiasco.


Surely never two guys more certain to have been born among The Elect.


So I'm wondering, back in the days of the farm crisis and secondary things like the the HTA debacle were the Good Folk around some of those heavily Reformed communities more likely to Stiff Thy Brother?



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Re: Bruce, while we're on the religion beat

There have been more than one person who was front and centre at some church but if you shook hands with him you needed to count your fingers after.