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I predict a long and glorious political career for the man responsible for keeping alive the hopes of the suffering multitudes to have much better and cheaper health care.

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Re: PenceCare

(I predict a long and glorious political career for the man...)


That is not good news for Pence, your success rate on predictions has not been good.

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Re: PenceCare

What the heII are they up to? I hope and pray they will deliver Trump's promises, but I fear we will wind up with huge Medicare cuts, Medicaid cuts, people without insurance and back to the ER being the primary care physician. I'm perfectly willing to pay to help others. I'm a Christian. 


Let's just cut through the crap = Medicare for all - AKA single payer.


Re: PenceCare

Gonna be tough to put the insurance companies out of business- they spread a lot of cash around.


A hybrid system- stingy Medicaid for all with private insurers selling Medicare type supplements as add ons- wouldn't thrill them but it would sidestep that somewhat.


It would also control public fiscal costs better.


Under that system, somebody is going to die for lack of access to some expensive treatment but the tradeoff is that dozens more get basic effective stuff. And people died all the time from falling through the cracks under the old non-system, did, perhaps less frequently, under ACA, and certainly will under any of the GOP options. It was just deemed as The Market rather than The Gubmint.


Here's the rub. The majority of Americans get their coverage from their employment and it is tough to figure out how to raise the revenue to fund it without them coming out on the short end of the stick, or feeling like they are. So you probably have to try to channel those previous employer costs into direct compensation but I imagine many will be skeptical that they'll be made whole.


All of which explains why ACA made sense in the political reality and why it is maddeningly complex.


I don't know much about Canada but in Europe the taxes that pay for their more generous social safety net aren't as fully progressive as some would assume- the VAT funds a lot of it.


The half step of a hybrid system would cut that shock in half, at least.